ED4GP Telehealth Specialist Consultations

Acute Care Advice

ED4GP provides a rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion in real-time via telehealth consultation for GPs and their referred patients in eligible telehealth areas across Australia. Superior to phone advice, our Acute Care Experts utilise video patient consultation to provide higher quality patient assessments with tailored management advice.

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For a Rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion via Telehealth.


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Acute Care Experts also provide:

Acute Care Guidelines

Clinical guidelines to assist doctors in a range of Acute Care environments such as in ED, the GP clinic, Urgent Care and in the field.

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ED4GP Education & Training

Acute Care Education

ED4GP Specialist Emergency Physicians provides training sessions for GPs to help them manage difficult acute patient presentations and emergencies that present to their GP clinics.

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ED4GP Emergency Dr's Bag

Acute Care (Emergency)
Doctor’s Bags

With the right tools at hand GPs can provide beneficial and sometimes life-saving care to patients presenting with acute presentations and emergencies in the GP setting.

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