Education and Training for GPs

Acute Care Education

ED4GP Specialist Emergency Physicians provides training sessions for GPs to help them manage difficult acute patient presentations and emergencies that present to their GP clinics.

Often the more serious cases can present so infrequently that it can be difficult for GPs to maintain the knowledge base and skills to deal with them when they do present. To combat this, we provide structured approaches that are easy to remember which can help GPs safely navigate through these tricky situations. We also provide advice on drugs and equipment that can be stocked in the

practice so that GPs have the tools they need to manage these presentations safely and effectively. ED4GP was started by a dual trained Specialist Emergency Physician and GP who understands the unique challenges and resource limitations that GPs face in managing such emergent presentations in the GP setting and our sessions are designed with this specifically in mind.

ED4GP Events

2019 Events

  • Rural Health West Conference 2019 (23-34th March) presentations:
    • Clinical Clearance of Acute Presentations
    • Detecting Subtle STEMIs
    • Basic ECG Interpretation
  • EMET 2019
    • “The Sick Child” 5th-7th November
    • Skills Day 12th October
    • “Shock” 10th-12th September
    • “Toxicological & Metabolic Emergencies” 21st-23rd May
    • “Cardiac Emergencies”
  • WAGPET GP Registrar Mini-releases 2019:
    • Perth South Hub 11th December 8:30am (WAGPET Offices, Bentley)
    • Perth South Hub 5th December 8:30am (WAGPET Offices, Bentley)
    • Perth South Hub 16th Oct 9am (WAGPET Offices, Bentley)
    • Perth East Hub 11th June 8:30am (WAGPET Offices, Bentley
    • Peel Hub 7th March
    • Perth North Hub 6th Feb
    • Perth East 4th Feb
  • EMS Conference 2019 Rusutsu, Japan
    • “An Airway to be Mindful Of”

Past Events (2018)

  • Darwin Educational Dinner Meeting Tuesday 30th October 2018 at Novotel
    • Free event open to all GPs in the Northern Territory
  • EMET 2018
    • “Respiratory Emergencies” Roadshow 6th-8th November 2018
    • Skills Day Saturday 6th October 2018 – Northam Hospital
    •  “Resuscitation” Roadshow 11th to 13th September 2018
  • WAGPET GP Registrar Mini-releases 2018: “GP Emergencies”
    • Perth South Hub 11th December
    • Perth South Hub: 5th December
    • Perth South Hub: 17th October
    • Mid-West Hub at Geraldton: 5th September 2018
    • Perth North Hub: 4th and 7th September 2018
    • Perth South Hub: 14th August 2018
    • Kimberly Hub at Broome: 8th August 2018

Planned training sessions will be held in urban and major regional centres. In addition, to complement this, we’ll also be providing telehealth education for GPs in more remote regions for whom access to educational opportunities is often limited.

Some of the planned topics we will be providing training on include:

  • Structured Assessment of the Unwell Patient
  • Airway and Breathing Management Skills
    • Including hands-on training with equipment
  • Basic Life Support training
    • As required for GP accreditation/CPD
  • ECG Interpretation
    • Approach to ECG Interpretation
    • Detecting subtle signs of ischaemia and arrhythmogenesis
  • Assessment and management of Shortness of Breath including
    • Acute Pulmonary Oedema (various types)
    • Acute Severe Asthma
  • Anaphylaxis – assessment and management
  • Status Epilepticus management
  • Clearing the Head & Cervical spine
    • How to safely clinically clear the patient, avoiding the need for imaging
  • Pulmonary Embolism
    • How to safely clinically exclude PE without the need for investigation
    • Diagnostic algorithm that minimises the need for imaging
    • Risk stratification of patients to decide which patients can be fully investigated as outpatients
  • Management of Acute Severe Pain
  • Emergency Doctors Bag
    • Training on the optimal choices for both free and low cost drugs and equipment to keep on hand to manage acute emergencies in various settings (e.g. GP clinic, home visits, side of the road)
  • Useful Clinical Resources
    • We recommended the best clinical resources (including websites and apps) to guide clinicians in the assessment and management of acute clinical presentations

More information regarding training program content and schedules will be published soon.

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