Executive Team

Dr Anand Senthi

Dr Anand Senthi is a dual trained Specialist Emergency Physician and General Practitioner (GP) with 15 years experience in Emergency Medicine. Graduating from the University of Western Australia with his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Anand went on to further his studies attaining a Masters of Applied Finance, a Graduate Certificate of Public Health and dual fellowships; he is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.

Anand has a special interest in Evidence Based Medicine with primary responsibility at his institutions for training his Consultant colleagues in the most current, best practice, evidence-based care. Anand has a real passion for education and is extensively involved in medical education of GP Registrars and GPs as well as training all levels of practitioners in Emergency Medicine and holds an appointment as Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia. While his specialist work is based in Perth, Anand also regularly works and conducts education and training sessions in the regional areas of Western Australia.

Dr Anand Senthi

Dr David de Vos

Dr Dave de Vos is a Specialist Emergency Physician with 15 years of Emergency Medicine experience. David obtained an initial Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia, then completed his medical training in Brisbane at the University of Queensland before moving back to the West.

He has trained mainly at Royal Perth Hospital, and continues to work as an Emergency Consultant in Perth. David also works as an Emergency specialist in regional Western Australia and Queensland, and has worked in both New South Wales and Tasmania.

Dave is fascinated by critical illness, medical decision-making and communication. He teaches emergency medicine to all grades of medical staff, and is part of a very successful Emergency Medicine Education and Training (EMET) team that has been travelling out to rural WA for many years, meeting local GPs and swapping ideas about management of unwell patients in regional environments. David lectures and examines at the University of Notre Dame medical school.

Dr Warren Adie

Dr Warren Adie is a Specialist Emergency Physician with 10 years experience in Emergency Medicine.

He initially cofounded and directed a national technology service provider with over 1500 clients across Australia, training large and small corporate groups and maintaining international business relationships. This culminated in nomination for Yellow Pages Young Business of the year.

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Western Australia and a postgraduate certificate in clinical ultrasound from the University of Melbourne. He is a sessional speaker at Ultrasound Training Solutions in Melbourne, an EMST instructor and is actively involved in the education of hospital medical and nursing staff.

Hailing from Kalgoorlie, his early career had a regional focus, working through the north, mid-west, central wheat-belt, and south-west of WA. He has now worked extensively through the country regions of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.
He has a passion for providing quality patient centred care in regional areas and is focused towards developing and supporting both the current and the next generation of doctors choosing to practice in this unique and challenging area.

Dr Warren Adie

Dr Kelvin Nathan

Dr Kelvin Nathan is a multi-lingual Specialist Emergency Physician who originally hails from Malaysia.

After moving to Australia in his youth, he studied his medical degree at the University of Tasmania. Since then, he has worked in a range of environments across Australia including Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia in both regional and metropolitan areas. He completed his specialist training by obtaining the Fellowship of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.

He has a special interest in telehealth with specialist experience in state and national organisations servicing a diverse range of patient populations.

Kelvin has a strong passion for education and training. He is a part of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) fellowship exam writing committee since 2017. Additionally he holds an appointment as a Director of Emergency Medicine Training, responsible for the specialist training program at his hospital