Refer a patient now

(Referrals accepted anytime between 6am-5pm AWST. Closed Weekends and National Public Holidays)

If you are new to ED4GP please call 1300 433 447 and we will walk you through the simple referral steps below.

The referring GP need only to write a referral letter and then their practice staff can complete the referral process outlined below.

If this is a time-critical emergency,
please call 000.

Instructions for Referring GP

  1. Write a referral letter to ED4GP
    1. To be valid please address referral to the name of one of our Specialists “and colleagues” e.g. “Dr Anand Senthi and Colleagues”
    2. Please include any relevant patient vital signs and examination findings. Also include any investigations that you would like us to review (e.g. ECG) or ask your nurse to provide.
  2. Place patient in your waiting room (or with nurse if unwell)
  3. Provide referral letter to practice staff  and request that they Register patient with ED4GP (see next box) to set up telehealth consultation. Continue to see your next patient(s) in the interim.

*Note if you consider the patient is at risk of clinical deterioration, please ensure they are accompanied at all times by an appropriate person such as practice nurse, staff member or family member.

Instructions for GP Practice Staff

  1. Register the Patient: Call 1300 433 447 OR simply complete the “Patient Registration Form” below
  2. Send patient referral documentation to ED4GP by either attaching as a file when submitting Patient Registration Form (below) or fax to ‭1300 667 440‬. Please include:
    – Referral letter from referring GP
    – Any other relevant tests and investigations (e.g. ECG) provided by the referring GP
  3. Place patient in appropriate room (with an accompanying person if required*) with the ED4GP Telehealth Tablet or designated computer and open the “Zoom” app.
  4. One of our ED4GP staff will make contact via phone and the app within a few minutes

New Patient Referral – Patient Registration form