Acute Care Advice

ED4GP provides a rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion in real-time to support GPs consulting patients with non-emergent, Acute, Sub-Acute and “Acute on Chronic” clinical presentations. Superior to phone advice, our Acute Care Experts utilise video patient consultation to provide higher quality patient assessments with tailored management advice (see eligible telehealth areas).

The Best Version of Telehealth

  • Specialist 2nd Opinion: we provide urgent advice regarding:
    • Diagnosis, risk assessment, investigation, management and disposition.
    • This includes expert ECG interpretation.
  • Cross-specialty expertise: we can assist with a wide range of presentations including medicine (e.g. cardiology), surgery, orthopaedics and paediatrics.
  • Real-time: we’re available now when you need the advice.
  • Free: patient’s are bulk-billed and there is no cost for GPs.
  • Increased GP Revenue providing support services during telehealth consultations allows GPs to bill attendant telehealth item numbers in addition to their standard consult item numbers.
  • Reduced Medico-legal risk: consultation with our Specialists can provide risk reduction and reassurance for GPs.
  • Avoid hospital referral: our Specialist advice and 2nd opinion usually result in no further need for acute hospital referral, allowing you to maintain control of your patient’s care.
  • Save Time System (optional): the consult can be set up and commenced in a separate room while the GP sees their next patient(s), saving valuable GP time. GP joins in at the end to assist and come to a collegiate team plan

Who to refer

(Please note our exclusion criteria)

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Who to Refer – Examples

What’s the BEST Antibiotic choice given:

  • Failed 1st line therapy, or
  • Allergies or multiple infections

Anticoagulate or not?

Acute Pain management

  • BEST options/alternative options?


  • BEST choice, Urgency, Interpretation
  • MRI referral?

ECG Interpretation

Who to Refer – Examples

Diagnostic Dilemmas

Complex Assessments or Complex Management due to:

  • Multiple presenting complaints
  • Acute/sub-acute presentation is complicated by
    • Chronic conditions/co-morbidities
    • Potential medication interactions
    • Geographic/socio-economic issues

Who to Refer – Examples

Patients in the “grey area” between GP vs hospital care for further evaluation or management:

  • Mildly abnormal vital signs
  • Bit unwell
  • May need urgent (vs outpatient) investigation
  • May benefit from from specialist 2nd opinion or ED evaluation