Telehealth Consults

ED4GP provides a rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion service in real-time, via video telehealth consultation.
We assist General Practitioners (GPs) and their referred patients, presenting with acute/sub-acute conditions, in regional areas (see eligible telehealth areas).


Key Features

  • Specialist 2nd Opinion: Specialist Emergency Physicians, with expertise across a wide range of specialties, provide advice regarding:
    • Diagnosis, risk assessment, investigation, management and disposition.
    • This includes expert ECG interpretation.
  • Real-time: we’re available now when you need the advice.
  • Free: patient’s are bulk-billed and there is no cost for GPs.
  • Increased GP Revenue providing support services during telehealth consultations allows GPs to bill attendant telehealth item numbers in addition to their standard consult item numbers.
  • Reduced Medico-legal risk: consultation with our Specialists can provide risk reduction and reassurance for GPs.
  • Maintain control of your patient’s care: our consults can frequently prevent ED referral.
  • Parallel Consultations (optional): the consult can be set up and commenced in a separate room while the GP sees their next patient(s), saving valuable GP time. GP joins in at the end to assist and come to a collegiate team plan


Benefits for Patients:

  • Optimise outcomes: Receiving a Specialist 2nd Opinion when required to maximise safety and achieve optimal patient outcomes
  • Avoid unnecessary Emergency Department visits: Reduction in unnecessary visits to the Emergency Department which may save hours of travel, waiting and assessment times as well as potentially unnecessary testing
  • Enhance Emergency Department visits: In situations where an Emergency Department visit is ultimately required, patients can arrive having already received an assessment by a Specialist Emergency Physician to help guide and optimise their Emergency Department care. This is especially beneficial as most patients attending Emergency Departments are not assessed by a Specialist, particularly outside major cities

Which patients to refer

Who to refer Who not to refer