Eligible Telehealth Areas

Specialist video telehealth consultations are subsidised by medicare for patients in all Australian regions outside of the RA1 geographical classification areas. All that is required is a referral from a GP. The excluded RA1 area, correlates to most major cities and their suburbs.

Note that cities such as Hobart and Darwin are not included in the RA1 area and are therefore eligible for Telehealth.

Search your location to determine if it is eligible for telehealth:

  • Click Here to go to the federal government’s Health Workforce Locator.
  • Enter an address you wish to search in the Address bar
  • Under “Classifications” select Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas (2006)
  • Then click Search Location
  • This will reveal the ASGC-RA 2006 Region Code of 1 to 5. Regions 2 to 5 are all eligible for Telehealth. Only Region 1 is excluded from medicare Telehealth eligibility.

If you are unsure about the eligibility of your practice location for telehealth please contact us.