What is ED4GP?

ED4GP is a team of hand-picked Acute Care Experts providing a rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion service by video Telehealth, in real-time, for General Practitioners (GPs) and their patients.

ED4GP was founded by Dr Anand Senthi, a dual-trained Specialist Emergency Physician and GP. While working as a GP he recognised there was a lack of real-time support for GPs consulting patients with acute, sub-acute and “acute on chronic” clinical presentations, where advice or a 2nd opinion was required. Additionally, he found that the busy and chaotic Emergency Department (ED) environment was often not the most efficient or ideal environment for relatively well patients to be referred to receive a high quality 2nd opinion.

This gave birth to ED4GP – Acute Care Advice:

A Rapid Specialist 2nd Opinion in Real-time, via Telehealth.

Superior to phone advice, our Acute Care Experts utilise video patient consultation to provide higher quality patient assessments with tailored management advice (see eligible telehealth areas).


The Acute Care Experts also provide the following additional services:

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